Quack Quack

the ramblings of a thirty-something college student

Jenn (aka Desi Duck)
1 September 1975
"RISK more than others think is safe, CARE more than others think is wise, DREAM more than others think is practical, EXPECT more than others think is possible"

I am me - a very unique individual. Love me or hate me, but do not judge me based on your own inadequacies, for I have found true peace and happiness within myself - not at the expense of others.

I take the time to stop and smell the roses, soak in the everyday beauty that surrounds us, and bask in the pleasure that is life. I believe in kicking up your heels and thumbing your nose at those who cannot laugh at themselves. I follow my heart (and long haired beauties with a great ass) down the roads less traveled so that I may discover something new and wonderous to behold. Stick around for awhile and experience the passionate carefree zaniness that is me and you will be sure to be shaking your head with a confused and perplexed Cheshire-cat-sized grin on your face while thinking "Is she for real?"

Well, yes, yes I am for real. I am a lesson in duality - I'm a hopeless romantic who believes that chivalry and honor is NOT dead, yet I am a very strong and independent woman. I can socialize with blue collar or white collar, grab a bite at fast food or gourmet, listen to chamber music or rock-n-roll, read a comic or Shakespeare, attend a monster truck rally or museum. I'm upfront and reserved, fun and boring, loud and quiet, emotional and detached, friendly and stand-offish, weird and normal, crazy and sane. Damn, I should've been a gemini instead of a virgo LOL

I am from Jersey, NOT Joisey - yes, I do have the attitude that goes with it, and no, Denny's is NOT a diner even though it says so on the sign. I drive too fast, drink too much coffee, and am easily distracted (chrome bumpers are almost as much fun as fun-house mirrors!). My nose is pierced, I have 5 tattoos (yes I'm getting more), smoke a pack a day (no, I'm not quitting anytime soon), and I have absolutely no desire to be a mother.

For fun I like bowling, Karaoke, going to the theater, museums, concerts, camping, just hanging with friends. I am heavily involved with medieval/renaissance re-enacting and participate in historical Fencing, Archery and brewing. Part of my medieval persona is a Pirate - so beware of random floggings!